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Studio Givanni has established a network of collaborators across artistic, creative and technical backgrounds. Gian Givanni’s belief in working together with other creative thinkers has led to a number of successful collaborations and informed the creative discourse of the practice.  This bespoke approach to team building, creates an environment of engaged and balanced dialogue, allowing the resource and expertise for each project to be tailored to specific requirements. 



Gian Givanni’s work seeks to promote the diversity of urban life with the aspiration to make our cities more accessible. The practice’s approach to urban development is driven by the celebration of difference and notions of transition which are at the heart of our cities. Conversations with local communities are key to achieving an in-depth understanding of the needs, aspirations, and possibilities of each project. Our approach is to respond to issues of a macro-scale through innovation, consolation and the re-imagining of inclusive and diverse urban environments. 


Research into materials and the working processes of the practice are vital to our creative discourse and frame the basis for innovation. While individual projects have unique qualities, it is the practice’s research that provides an overarching framework for experimentation and theoretical development. This attitude towards new technologies is essential for challenging existing architectural typologies and offering a fresh approach to our projects. 


Sustainable Environments 

The practice is an advocate of sustainable low carbon environments. We feel this approach is underpinned by addressing wider issues of how we consume and ideas of social responsibility. Wholistic thinking and raising awareness of consumption is at the core of our approach to sustainability and well being. The practice continually experiments with new materials, explores local environmental conditions, and researches emerging construction technologies to achieve efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. 

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